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PPSC Papers Of Tehsildar Cancelled Notice Exams Cancelled

PPSC Papers Of Tehsildar Cancelled Notice Exams Cancelled PPSC papers of tehsildar are important to the security forces deployed in the region. These papers contain information about an organization’s operations and its personnel and details of its objectives and plans for the future. The tehsildar of a government organization usually has the power to cancel… Read More »

Ma MSCM Roll No. Slip 2021 Gomal University

Ma MSCM Roll No. Slip 2021 Gomal University Roll numbers slip 2021 Gomal University for the annually examinations off can be download from this page. All the students who are registered for the annual examinations of Gomal University. Now they are eagerly awaiting their first annually exams off Part 1 and Part 2.… Read More »

Download PPSC Test Preparation PDF Box 2021 and Resolved MCQ

Download PPSC Test Preparation PDF Box 2021 and Resolved MCQ  FPSC and PPSC Test Preparation PDF Boxes and Advanced MCQ Download PPSC Test which is PDF Books, Resolved MCQs PPSC Dogar Brothers, Caravan Publishers Download PDF books, previous papers and previous solved papers, syllabus, PPSC book Imtiaz Shahid online. Nowadays, there is competition for jobs.… Read More »

Punjab Police Jobs 2020:Ppsc

Punjab Police Jobs 2020:Ppsc Lahore / Karachi: The geographic area Public Service Commission (PPSC) has proclaimed vacancies for numerous posts at the sub-inspector level across the province. per the task packaging on geographic area Police’s official account on Twitter, there square measure eighty five existing holes on the regular service quota whereas there square measure… Read More »

NTS Complete Solved MCQS Book In PDF Free

You can get Full Mcqs Books here is NTS Complete MCQS Guide Book For Your Preparations in Exam You Can easily read mcqs from this book and learn something new mcqs and important mcqs which are repeated in NTS tests This Book Content All Types of MCQS like General Knowledge Mcqs, Computer & Pakistan Study… Read More »

Today assistant paper ppsc 16-08-2020

Today assistant paper ppsc16-08-202 1)Hazrat Muhammad gave the key to bait ullah permanentaly to2) pakistan won only one gold medal in which sports of common wealth game 20183)OECD HQ ,4)Ruphal north and ruphal south in which range,5)Bondi beach in which country6)pakistan considered bridge between7)which of the following is not a safeguard of libert8)parmanent hardness of… Read More »

Ppsc and NTS 700 mcqs mostly with answers

NTS repeated 700 Questions with Answers. Which article of the constitution of Pakistan deals with bounded labour and slavery?Ans=Article 11 From where Arab spring started?Ans=Tunisia ANSA is the news agency of?Ans=Italy America Cup is associated with which sports?Ans=Yachting Meaning of Sui generis?Ans=of own kind Which statement is incorrect?Ans=Incorrect statement=Legislature is under judiciary How many years… Read More »

: اردو کے عظیم شعرا کرام

: اردو کے عظیم شعرا کرام امیر خسرو 1253-1325 میرا بائ 1488-1560 قلی قطب شاہ 1565-1611 ولی محمد ولی 1667-1707 شاہ مبارک 1683-1733 مرزا خان جاناں 1699-1781 رفیع سودا 1713-1780 خواجہ میر درد 1721-85 میر تقی میر 1723-1810 جرات بخش 1748-1810 نظیر اکبر آبادی 1740-1830 غلام حمدانی مصحفی 1750-1824 انشا خان انشا 1756-1817 بہادر شاہ… Read More »