FPSC SST Interview Preparation Questions.

FPSC SST Interview Asked Questions!!

  1. COVID
  2. Nobel prize in pak
  3. CM and governor of provinces
  4. Cognition
  5. Recognition
  6. Curriculum board
  7. Scalar and vector
  8. Relativity
  9. Light year
  10. Speed and velocity
  11. Name of CM of four provinces
  12. Imran Khan comment on 18 the amendment on yesterday
  13. Gave me a book to translate the paragraph ,and in which tense it is,
  14. Define gerund and it’s example
  15. Phoneme
  16. Morpheme
  17. How do you teach English to students?
  18. How u come here?
  19. Name of continent?
  20. South America k kch mulk k nam?
  21. UK and England difference?
  22. Where is black sea?
  23. How many patient of COVID in Pak.
  24. Why COVID is called COVID 19.
  25. There is a road that is called thandi sarak in hyd why?
  26. How u will tell bout goup tend nd period trend.
  27. What is octet?
  28. Hunds rule
  29. Your name sounds familiar?
  30. Have you read any book recently?
  31. What is discussed in the book?
  32. What is the percentage of the result of your class?
  33. Do you know federal system of GPA?
  34. How will you teach future perfect tense to the class?
  35. Give demo over this tense.
  36. What is schawa sound?
  37. Why have you achieved less marks in F.A?
  38. CPEC
  39. Lesson planning
  40. Indus treaty
  41. General discussion of teaching
  42. Polynomial expression
  43. Philosophy
  44. Teaching methods
  45. Mountain ranges
  46. Roof of the world?
  47. Epistemology
  48. What is the method I choose in teaching mathematics
  49. South America aur North America ki koe se 3 3 countries k naam Yeh
  50. 7 continents
  51. Psychology kia hy?
  52. Brussels kn hy?
  53. Central Asian countries name?
  54. Subcontinents country?
  55. Theories of evolutionm, Darwin?
  56. Learning theories?
  57. Province largest district name
  58. Vertebrate
  59. Invertebrate
  60. Flying mammals name
  61. Largest mammals name?
  62. Asked about my education. I.e. Federal board.
  63. University education
  64. About M.Phil.
  65. Then to what you teach at school.
  66. Gerund participle, their difference. Whether we can use both of them interchangeably.
  67. Use a word as gerund and participle.
  68. Asked about epistemology
  69. Then asked a word to tell about its root words
  70. Asked about synonyms of 4 to 5 words I only knew one.
  71. Asked about Urdu words used in English. Told them a few.
  72. Where is Pakistan now in IT?
  73. TELE health
  74. Wikipedia its origin who is the head and how it works
  75. Digital Pakistan and objectives and who is the supervisor of this program
  76. What is the difference between http and https
  77. Kashmir issue now a days
  78. Corporal punishments in past and now
  79. Citizen portal
  80. Qualities of a teacher
  81. Pancreas
  82. Pak china border
  83. Stem cell store food in plants like carrots
  84. Antibodies Grade point average
  85. Continuously increasing temperature of Earth due
  86. The branch of knowledge which tells about the nature climate soil weather and atmosphere of a specific area is called May
  87. What are microorganisms? Is COVID 19 is a micro?
  88. How many human blood groups?
  89. Insulin produced by?
  90. Why COVID called novel?
  91. Physical measurements k ilawa corona kcy cure kia ja skta h?
  92. Tendons ligament and cartilage m kia difference h?
  93. Types of cartilage?
  94. How many ribs?
  95. What is cancer?
  96. Sugar is more dangerous than cancer?
  97. What is pancreas function?
  98. CPEC start and end point?
  99. Durindline
  100. meat point of kpk with Afghanistan

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