Appraising and Valuation Oficer Batch 1 held on 25 September 2020

Appraising and Valuation Oficer Batch 1 25 September 2020

  1. Capital city of austria? Veinna
  2. PM of spain was elected in? 2 June 2018
  3. Number of Makki surah? 86
  4. Meaning of Quran? recited one
  5. Which negro was killed in america? George Floyd
  6. insert hyperlink short key? Ctrl + K
  7. Short key of find and replace? ctrl+H
  8. Extension of word documents? .docx
  9. When was the constitution of 1973 was implemented? 14 August 1973
  10. Name of imam bukhari? Muhammad Bin Ismail
  11. When Qasem Sulemani was killed? 3 January 2020
  12. Imran khan delivered historical speech in un assembly or security council? 27 September 2019
  13. Rukus in Quran? 540
  14. which companion of the Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is mentioned in the quran? Hazrat Zaid Bin Haris RA
  15. PIDC stands for? Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation formed in 1952
  16. Mohen jo darro located in which district? Larkana District
  17. first deputy district judge allow to wear headscarf in uk? Raffia Arshad
  18. india citizenship bill date? 11 December 2019
  19. India implement cerfew in india date? 24 March 2020
  20. Jamal khashugi works in which newspaper? The Washington Post
  21. WHO warns corona virus can again reactivate and its 2nd wave can come by which person said? Dr mike ryan
  22. When UK left EU? 31 January 2020
  23. China and India Skirmish (To figh) at? Pangong Tso Lake, in Ladskh Vally
  24. Zabour is reaveled on which prophet? Hazrat Dawood AS
  25. The lion of Allah title? Hazrat Ali RA
  26. Minimum no of row n coloum in ms word? 1 row and 1 column
  27. Hazrat Muhammad SAW visit syria at age of? 12 years
  28. Kabul gurdwara attack? March 25, 2020
  29. WHO a puppet of China, says? Donald Trump
  30. NATO withdrwal period from Afghanistan? 14 June 2011 – 31 December 2016

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