Accountant test held by ppsc on 12 September 2020

Today Accountant Paper

PPSC with answer

Today’s Accountant Test
1.Lait o lal se kam lena ?ٹالمٹول کرنا
2.Gadriya written by ? Ishfaq Ahmad
3.Aatish Kada written by? Dr Tehseen
4.admi ko musar ni insan hna poet ? Ghalib
5.2 series 1 age question.
8.Leukemia? Blood disease
9.Thirade Glands ? Throat
10.1st woman in space? Valentina
11.Damage ozone result in? 11= ultara waves
12.Genoa sea port? Italy
13.Somalia capital? Mogadishu
14.Burma city ? Rangoon
15.President of Cuba? Maguial Daz currently
16.Ummul kitab Surah ? Fateha
17.Prophet Mohammed PBUH traveled to syria with Hazrat Abu Talib at the age of ? 12
18.Prophet Mohammed gave the key of Kaabah to which Sahabi ? Hazrat usman
19.USA total states ? 50
20.Sillicon Valley ? Califonrina
21.Comp. usage in hospitals? Options k bgair nai
22.Anti Malaria medicine? Cholorquin
23.1st President of Muslim League. Sir agha Khan
24.Shah Walliullah born in the reign of ? Alamgier k era me 1703 k0
25.Country not in South Asia ? Options k bgair na Bata skta
26.En route meaning ? On the way
27.Romans triumphed……romans? Over
28.Static antonyms ? Mobile
29.1st Marathon race in pak ? Lahore 2005
30.1st lady in space ? Valentina
31.1st president of all ind muslim league? Agha Khan
32.Page orientation in ms excel 2016 ? 2
33 Window invented by ? Bil gates paul allen

Professional part of today’s Accountant paper! 12-09-2020
*Job enrichment means?
*Herzberg theories factor?
*Herzberg theory point of view: motivating factors?

  • a strategy that specialy focuses on cost?
  • roles for maintaining healthy r/ ship among stakeholders?
  • introducing a existing product into new market?
  • human skils are required for which level?
  • a manager bridges decision making and also responsibl for operational area?
  • clasroom lectures’ seminars and workshops are examples of?
  • net worth of business ?
  • payment dividend divided by interest rate somthing tha .. options were presnt future or intrinsic value etc
  • scale with origin of zero?
  • change of mood or emotions caused by reason? somthing
  • a buyer writes a letter for inquiry abot products nd future sales source?
  • collecting information from advertising compaigns or from sales persons?
  • promotion of an employee for a vacant position inside the company is ? Internal recruitmnt or extrnl?
  • marketing is activity out?
  • selling is not part of marketing as it is an activity out?
  • mr. islam is working in a firm that needs human skills? Means mr.islam ka us firm m kya status hai..options m skills given theen..

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