Assistant Director Local Govt Paper held by PPSC on 3 November 2019

1. Glaciers are found in how many countries? 50
2. Currency of Nigeria? Naira
3. Meaning of Zam Zam is?
4. Who became President of USA after J.F.Kennedy? Lyndon Baines Johson
5. 1818 treaty sanctioned UK and USA to capture which are? Oregon treaty
6. Who colonised Argentine in 16th century? Spain
7. FPSC act was formed under which act of India? 1947
8. In 1919 act, law and order was the subject of? Reserved Subject
9. Synonym of Impeccable? Flawless
10. Synonym of Apparel? Clothes
11. Synonym of Coagulate? Solidify
12. Antonym of gullible? Astute
13. Meaning of “a pipe dream”? A dream or idea that is impossible to accomplish.
14. Do not judge a book by? Its cover
15. In absence heart grows? Fonder
16. Bone of shoulder girdle is? clavicle, scapula, and coracoid.
17. Light of sun can be focused by which lens or mirror? Concave lens
18. Abdul Khaliq is called the flying bird of…..? Asia
19. Who mad HTPP? Tim Berners-Lee
20.Nusrat Ali Khan died in? 1997
21.Who regulate media? Pemra
22. Dublin is the capital of? Ireland
23. Fastest memory of computer is called? Cache
24.When Gymastics were added to olympics? 1896
25. Roger has won ow many single grand slams? 20
26. Martin Hinggis is the tennis player of? Switzerland
27. Gift of nile is? Egypt
28. Foster mother of Prophet PBUH who was maid of Abu Lahab? Sobia
29. Land of Prophets? Palestine
30. Liaqat Nehru pact was signed to deal the issue of? talks sought to guarantee the rights of minorities
31. Who was founder of Saudi Arabia? Muhammad ibn saud
32. Al Hilal was published in which year? 1912
33. Author of “India wins Freedom”? Abul Kalam Azad
34. Fox is the news channel of? America
35. Al jazira is the news channel of? Qatar
36. Who made most runs in ODI by Pakistan? Inzmam
37. فوج کی جمع؟ Afwaj
38۔ بانگ درا کی پہلی نظم؟ Himala
39۔ شکوہ اور جواب شکوہ کس میں ہیں؟ Bange Dara
40۔ بنت العنب کا معنی؟ Anguri Sharab
41۔ تجاہل عارفانی ک معنی؟ Jan bujh k Ajan banna
42۔ انکل عرفی کس کا کردار ہے؟ Haseena Moin
43۔ “غزل نیم وحشی صنف سخن” کس نے کہا؟ Ahmad Udin Kaleem
44۔ ہمدرد اخبار کون نکالتے تھے؟ Maulana Muhammad ali
45.Largest dam of Japan? Tokuyama Dam
46. Artificial lake in Rawalkot? Banjosa lake
47. If X and Y are directly proportional and X=8. Y=2 then If Y=10, find the value of X? 40
48. First movie of Pakistan? Tere Yaad
49. If A, B, C divide profit with 2:4:7 and total is 52000. Find the sum of lowest and highest profit. 36000 Ans
50. Wow is conjunction or interjection? Interjection
51. South pole is located in? Antacrtica
52. Proverb in urdu was ? bohri ghori laal lagam.
53. Mughal civil militry head of province was called? Nizam
54. Mervyn middlecoat of Pak Airforce was wing commodore Wing Commander
55. Google head quarter is in? Calefornia
56. Series 3,4,7,8,11,12, Ans. 15
57. Abdul Khalid, flying bird of Asia
58.Pakistan red crescent 20 Dec 1947
59. Not Shakespeares play arms and men
60. Father of civil services Charles Cornwallis
61. Readymade style that used for make presentation template
62. Study of family genealogy
63. Roof of world pamir
64. China High attitude telescope in Tibet
65. Crossroad of Central Asia Afghanistan
66. Playground of Europe
67. During travel of mairaj Hazart Muhammad passed through? Jeruselm
68. A train 240 m long passes a pole in 24 seconds. How long will it take to pass a platform 650 m long? 89 sec
69. Computer is free from tiresome and boardroom we call it? Diligence
70. Wan
71. Branch of science which compare different people and their behavior ? Ethonology
72. Etymology? Study of origin of words
73. Urdu Hindu controversy? Lead to two nation theory
74. he could
75: Rohtas fort ? Sher shah suri
76. Rani kot fort? Sindh
77. Hazarat Hamza died in ? uhad
78. Largest ocean of world? Pacific
79. 0.009x ?= 9

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