Assistant Paper Conducted by CTS for Public Sector organization 11-07-2020

Today’s Assistant Paper Conducted by CTS for Public Sector organization 11-07-2020

1- In which surah o quran utilizing of Zaqat Maintion in Quran

2- when Hazarat Ali R.A died

3- Which wife of Prophet SAW was more learned
4- Which wife of Prophet SAW was get selution form Allah
5- which Jamarat is located near Makkah
6- where Hazart Essa AS was born
7- where Hazart Mussa AS recieved 10 commendaments
8- when Haj was made obligatory
9- for which battale Prophet SAW migrated from makkah & Hazart Ali RA becomes potector of muslim ummah
10- what is meant by Bait ul Atqeeque
11- what is the name of tree which is having jannat e Mamoor
12- During which battale wine was banned
13- who is the first muslim lady who became chief in history of islam

14- who is the first muslim Chief of Pakistan Navey
15- When anjuman e himayat Islam Established
16- when FBR Esablished
17- When Agriculture reforms introduced in psk
18- how many barrages are constructed on Indus Rever
19- What is the name of Larget canal of pak
20- who is the current Minister of Buliding & Housing sechinme
21- who is the special Advisory minister to PM of Accountability
22- who was the first wowmen Finance minister of pak

23- who was the first finance minister of pakistan

24- which country setup an 1st artificial setlitte on earth

25- Which Country gives firstly right of womens voting

26 – Which county is considered gloden fiber

27- Snow lapords are found in which part of the world

28- Who is the writer of Famous Turkish play Erutugal Ghazi

29- In budget 2020-21 who many amount set for education

30- When M khan junaijo toke oath as pm

31- When pandit moti lal nehro represents Nehro Report

32- Who was the head of Simla depotaion

33- how many members are there in Simmon commission
34- When Urdu Hindu controversy started

35- When first Consas was held in Subcontinent

36- Who was the only muslim which was opposed constitutional reforms

37- what is the short key to open new dialogue box

38- What is the name o first generation compters

39- what is the short key to go back to pervious cell
40- technically what is the name of data of the employees of an organization

41- which is not an anty virus in the following set

42 – synonyms of Judicious

43- Synonyms of Jolly

44- Pear of words
Scissor : Cutting

45- wooden : carpenter

46 gair : progress

47- who represented atomic modle

48- beurit is city of which conutary

49- kyluzem dam is in which country (is tarah ka e kuch tha )

50- what is the chemical name of bleaching powder

51- Rubber have to heated with which Mattel

52- woh many sajidas in holy Quran

53- a part of earth which having equadoor water and enviorment for cultivation is callled

54- mini computer belonged to which generation…

Credits: Fahad

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