PMS general knowledge paper 22 August 2020

By | August 22, 2020

GK paper No.1 (PMS)
1.Human body that produces vitamin but not by fruit or vegetable.?
2.Biggest deforestation in which forest.?

  1. Second largest desert.? council members.?
    5.SAARC total country members.?
  2. Name of President of Economic Council.?
  3. 1st embesseder to USA.?
  4. 1st governed of Pak.?
  5. Cause of ozone depletion.?
  6. Opposite of Segregation.?
  7. Who invented 1st calculating machine.?
  8. Idea of combining Internet and Hypertext.?
  9. Current President of India.?
  10. Vasco da Gama was native of.?
  11. Status of liberty give to USA.? Which country.?
  12. Brightest planet of Earth.?
    17.Vitamin that decrease Browning in fruit.?
    18.Quran and Sunnah was obligated in which amendment.?
  13. In Zarb e Azb, Azb means.?
    20.14 to 17 % element by which skull made.?
  14. Most filled dam of world.?
  15. Lori pass connect.?
  16. Nanga parbat is the range of Himalayan.?
  17. Sui gas located in 1952.?
  18. Length of coastline of Pak.?
  19. Karakaram highway completed in which year.?
    30.? Wealth of nation’s written by.?
  20. Ahmed Nadeem qasmi’s profession.?
  21. According to PM and CM, President dissovle assembly within 72 hours.?
  22. 1st nuclear power at Karachi was corporation with China.?
  23. Doc abdus Salam done his PhD degree from Howard uni.?
  24. Which scientist worked with Einstein.?
    Now it’s your turn

PMS general knowledge paper 22 August 2020

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