PPSC solved past papers collection 6

The acid used in a car battery is                 .

A.            Hydrochloric acid

B.            Nitric acid

C.            Sulphuric acid

D.            Carbonic acid ANSWER: C

In order to prevent the corrosion of iron pipes they are often coated with a layer of zinc. This process is termed as:

A.            Electroplating

B.            Annealing

C.            Galvanization

D.            Vulcanization ANSWER: C

Ice blocks are covered with sawdust

A.            To prevent the dust from collecting on the ice

B.            Because ice being cold cannot be lifted with bare hands

C.            To provide necessary insulation from heat

D.            None of the above ANSWER:     C

Storage batteries commonly contain _ _.

A.            Copper

B.            Lead

C.            Iron

D.            Mercury ANSWER:          B

Bio gas is the common name of                 .

A.            Nitrogen

B.            Natural gas

C.            Carbon dioxide

D.            Oxygen ANSWER:            B

The waves used for sending signals to the satellite from ground station are _      .

A.            Ultraviolet rays

B.            X-rays

C.            Sound waves

D.            Micro waves ANSWER:  D

Approximately, how many times each day do our heart valves open and close normally?

A.            10,000

B.            1,00,000

C.            1,50,000

D.            2,00,000 ANSWER:           B

What is the average adult pulse rate? A.               140-150

B.            60-80

C.            72-80

D.            115-125

ANSWER:             D

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