Stenotypist Ministry of Kashmir Affiairs by CTS held on 12-07-2020

Stenotypist Ministry of Kashmir Affiairs by CTS held on 12-07-2020

  1. The Meaning Of (Al-Mumeet)?
  2. Holy Prophet saw Styed How Many Days After Conquest of Makkah?
  3. Surah Al Baqr Contians How Many Ayats?
  4. 6th Ayaat E Sajda In Which Surah?
  5. The Son Of Holy Prophet Saw Hazrat Ibrahim A.S Was The Mother Of Hazrat Ibrahim As?
  6. The Third Caliph Of Islam?
  7. Battle OF Yarmuk Fought Between—–in which Tribes?
  8. Who Launched IBM First IPC In 1981?
  9. The Planet Morning Stars are?
  10. What is another Name Of Functional Languages?
  11. \Which device is used for entering x-y coordinates?
  12. which is a volatile memory?

What was the name of First stored program electronic computer built in Cambridge University Of England?

  1. What is the Number of bit patterns provide by a7 bit code?
  2. Athens Is the Capital of Which Country?
  3. Which of the following disease are caused by viruses expect?
  4. Which of the Following indicate by the Color of Star?
  5. nautical mile is a unit of distance used in?
  6. Which country does not have a rectangular national flag which country does not have a rectangular national flag?
  7. Photophobia is a?
  8. One Horse power equal to?
  9. In which year did the titanic sink? 22 .pakistani novelist bano qudsia passed away on?
  10. Shah Waliullah Died on?
  11. Parveen Shakir Died On?
  12. The Renamed Kpk in Which Year?
  13. Surha Ankaboot Means?
  14. Control T used for?
  15. Which of the following on a ascending order of date hierchy?
  16. The most recent version of the Mac Os is based on the Operating systems?
  17. Terrible Opposite?
  18. Abstruse similar?
  19. In Outline view to expand or collapse all text or heading?
  20. Monthoka water falls located in?
  21. Dutch Est is an old name of?
  22. Knesset is the Parliament which Country?
  23. Netherland literary means/
  24. Switch Between the last four places that you have edited use?
  25. In Which Year chips used Inside Computer used for first time?
  26. Asia Cup 2020 Hosted Which Country?
  27. Khemer Primary Language Of Which Country?

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