Advanced PPSC MCQS Model Papers


  1. “Bronchitis” is a disease related to:

(A) Stomach (C) Brain

(B) Respiratory tract (D) Nervous system

  1. The functioning of a loudspeaker depends upon its

(A) Size (B) Shape (C) Size and Shape (D) None of them

  1. Who Introduced Price Control System in India for the first time?

(B) Germany (D) Romania



(A) Akbar the great (B) Sher Shah Suri (c) Aurangzeb Alamgir (D) Ala-ud-din Khilji River “Rhine” flows in:

(A) Russia (c) Thailand

5.-7-Habits of the Highly Effective People was written by:

(A) Anthony Robbins

B) Dale Carnegie

c) Stephen Covey (D) Napoleon Hill One Kilometer is equal to (A) 1.0 meters (C) 500 meters

B) 10,000 meters (D) 1000 meters

Before Damascus which city was the capital of Muslim Empire ?

(A) Kofa (C) Baghdad

(B) Medina

D) Mecca



“Bhat” is the currency of (A) Thailand (C) Korea (B) Mongolia (D) Chile Morocco is the Muslim country located in

(A) Asia (C) South America

(B) Europe

D) Africa

  1. The biggest planet in the Solar System is

(A) Jupiter (C) Venus

(B) Earth (D) Neptune

  1. Which out of the following is not a land-locked country?

(A) Nepal (c) Mongolia (B) Afghanistan (D) Lebanon 12 Legendary Character “Sherlock Holmes was created by

(A) Ian Fleming (B) Agatha Christie (C) Jane Austen (D) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

  1. The smallest country in order of population is (A) San Marino (c) Vatican City (B) Monaco (D) Palau
  2. “Rabi Crops” are sown in

(A) October November (B) April/May (C) March/April (D) July August

  1. Which is the most spoken language of Pakistan?

(A) Urdu (C) Saraiki

(B) Punjabi (D) Pashto

  1. Boundary line between China and India is known 85

(A) McMohan Line (c) Durand Line

(B) Red Cliff Line (D) Control Line

  1. Islamabad is part of which province?

(A) Punjab (C) KPK

(B) Sind (D) None of these

  1. Russia withdrew from Afghanistan under the

(A) Moscow Agreement

B) Islamabad Treaty (c) Geneva Accord (D) Kabul Pact

  1. “Long Walk to Freedom is the autobiography of (A) Hasan Rohani (C) Angela Merkel

(B) Ahmed Mursi

D) Nelson Mandela

  1. Zabur (Psalms) was revealed upon

(A) Hazrat Dawood (B) Hazrat Ibrahim (C) Hazratishag (D) Hazrat Ismael

  1. General Abdul Fattah-al-Sisi:

(A) Prime Minister of Sudan (B) A hero of Algerian War of Independence (C) A central Character of Syrian Civil War (D) President of Egypt

  1. Per Capita water availability in Pakistan is (A) decreasing (C) increasing (B) constant (D) fluctuating
  2. ‘SAVAK was the secret agency of

(A) Egypt (C) Iran

(B) Turkey (D Iraq

  1. The capital of Cyprus is:

(A) Alexandria (C) Nicosia

(B) Famagusta (D) Limassol

  1. Where is Gomal University located?

Advanced PPSC MCQs Model Papers

  1. “Al-Taqseem Square is situated in:

(A) Istanbul

c) Baghdad

(B) Cairo (D) Kabul

  1. Which out of the following countries is not member of SAARC?

(A) Nepal (c) Bhutan

(B) Maldives

D) Burma

  1. The National Assembly of Pakistan consists how many members?

(A) 274 (C) 291

(8) 342 (D) 311

  1. Who was the last Governor General Pakistan?

(A) Ghulam Mohammad (0) Iskander Mirza (C) KhawajaNazim-ud-din

D) Muhammad Ali Jinnah

  1. Out of the following who has not Foreign Minister of Pakistan? (A) Chaudhry Muhammad All (B) Aziz Ahmed

-(C) Mian Arshad Hussain

D) Muhammad All Bogra

44 Pakistan’s area is

(A) 689000 sq km c 881889 sq. km

(B) 534000 sq km (D) 935801 sq km

  1. The 1965-indo-Pak War, continued for (A) 19 days (C) 12 days (B) 17 days (D) 10 days
  2. Who was the only Vice-President in the history of Pakistan

(A) Ghulam Muhammad

B) Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto ic Ghulam Ishaq Khan (D) Nur-ul-Amin

47 Which city out of the following has the highest mean annual rainfall?

(A) Murree

C) Parachinar (B) Chitral (D) Lasbela Water Basin Treaty was signed between Pakistan and India in (A) 1948 (C) 1960 B) 1956 (D) 1961 Chashma Barrage is constructed on which river?

A) 1896 (C) 11%

(A) Indus (C) Ravi (B) Chenab (D) Jhelum 50 Pakistan’s share in global exports is (B) 0.3%

D) 12%

51 The number of Prophets whose names are mentioned in the Holy Quran (A) 10 C 35 (B) 25 (D) 45 The name of the first Kalima is (A) Kalima Tayyabah


(A) Dera Ghazi Khan (8) Kohat

C) Dera Ismael Khan (0) Sibi

26 Buckinghäm Palace is the residence of the:

(A) Pope

B) King of Jordan

C) Secretary General of UNO

D Queen of England

c) New Zealand

27 Netherlands is the new name of (A) England (8) Holland (D) Ireland

  1. Out of the following literary figures: who represented Pakistan in the UNO?

(A) Faiz Ahmed Faiz (B) Mustafa Zaidi (C) Altaf Gauhar (D) Patras Bukhari

  1. The headquarters of European Union is at:

(A) Brussels (C) Madrid (B) Vienna (D) Paris 30 Which of the following items is a source of Proteins?

(A) Sugar C Meat

(B) Butter (D) All of these

  1. Which book out of the following has been written by Mr. ZA Bhutto?

(A) Betrayal of East Pakistan () Witness to Surrender (C) What was once East Pakistan

D) The Great Tragedy 32 Theory of Evolution” was presented by

(A) Simon Bolivar

B) Charles Darwin’s (C) Werner Heisenberg (D) Euclid

  1. The first general elections in Pakistan were held in:

(A) 1977 (C) 1962

(B) 1956 (D) 1970

Who developed Computer Operating System Window?

(A) Steve Jobs (C) Warren Buffett

(8) Bill Gates (D) Carlos Slim

(B) Kalima Shahadat

C) Kalima Tamjeed (D) None of these 53 The largest number of “Hadith was reported by A Syeda Ayesha Siddiqa (RA) (B) Hazrat Abu Huraira (RA) © Hazrat Ali (RA) (D) Hazratans bin Malik

  1. Who translated the Holy Quran to Persian for the first time?

(A) Shah Rafi-ud-Din

B) Shah Waliullah Khalid bin Waleed (D) Mujaddid Alf Sani

  1. On which of the following occasions the Muslims offer “Namaz-e-Kasoof?

(A) For the sake of rain

8) At the time of eclipse of sun (c) At the time of eclipse of moon

D) At the time of drought

  1. The only Surah” of the Holy Quran which is not started with “Bismillah is

(A) Surah Al-Ahzab (B) Surah Al-Taubah (C) Surah Al-Jinn (D) None of these

57 What do you understand by “Al-Fay”?

(A) Lands cultivated by Muslims (B) Lands conquered by Muslims which became the property of the Islamic state (C) Lands located in a Muslim state but cultivated by non-Muslims

(D) The uncultivated land of the Islamic state


of a number subtracted from god the number gives 12 The number is:

A) 144 (C) 72

(B) 120

D) 63

59 What is the sum of all prime numbers from 60 to 807

(A) 361 (C) 351

  1. 5005-5000-10.00 = 7

(A) 0.5

c) 5000

(B) 341 (D) 349

(B) 50 (D) 4505

  1. Which of the following fractions is less than


and greater than a


(C) 2



  1. Find the square root of 6492304

(A) 2384 © 2548

(B) 2484

D 2684

63 V17624011s equal to

(A) 14

c) 18 (B) 15 (D) 24 64 Which of the following ratios is the largest (A) 7:15 (C) 17:25 (B) 15:23 (D 21:29 it a number is increased by and then decreased by 20%, the final yal the number (A) doesn’t change (B) decreases by 4% (C) increases by 2% (D) Increases by 4%


If 70% of students in a school are boys and the number of girls is 504, the number of do IS

(A) 1680 (C) 1276

(B) 1176

D) None of these

671 4X + 13=7-2X, what is the value of X?

(A) 10 (C) -1

(8) -3 (D) 1

  1. Which word out of the following is nearest in meaning to paucity?

(A) Flattery

C) Hilarity

  1. “Carnivore means:

(6) Scarcity (D Embezzlement

(A) a heart throb (B) a regular movie watcher

Can eater of flesh (D) a wide-travelled person

70, Terrorism will time (A) die (C) die away

in the course of

(8) die down (D) die off

  1. Which out of the following alternatives best expresses the meaning of impediment”

(A) Obstacle (C) Shameful 72 Which one is correctly following?

(A) Curiosity

c) Curiosity

(B) Opposition (D) Masterpiece spelt: out of we

(8) Curiosity

D) Curiosity

  1. Select the word that is opposite in meaning

“Stimulus (A) Deterrent

c) Instigation (B) Provision (D) Romance 74 Which word out of the following is similar meaning to “Nefarious?

(A) Faulty

c) Evil

(B) Idiotic (D) Afraid

  1. Which option conveys the correct meaning this sentence This medicine can be Us even by Children

  1. To which officer the application for establishing a union is submitted as per law?

(A) DCO (C) Commissioner

(B) Secretary Labour

D) Registrar

  1. A learner who is paid an allowance during the period of training is termed as:

(A) Probationer

c) Apprentice (B) Trainee (D) Student 87 The time during which the workers employed are at the disposal of employer excluding any Interval allowed for rest and meals is called

(A) Duty hours (C) Work hours

(8) Productive hours

D) Hours of work

  1. Stalemate is:

(A) Noun C Both

(B) Verb (D) None of these

  1. Which convention of ILO deals with the subject of Home Based Workers (HBWS)?

(A) 13

c) 155

(B) 199 (D) 191

  1. In Punjab, two Labour Appellate Tribunals are established at:

(A) Faisalabad and Sialkot

Lahore and Multan

c) Lahore and Faisalabad

D) Lahore and Rawalpindi

  1. In extra-ordinary circumstances, an employee is bound to inform his employer regarding his absence (to obtain casual leave) within:

(A) a week

c) a month

(B) 3 days (D) 5 days

  1. Which Article of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan prohibits all forms of forced labour?

A) 03

(C) 21 (B) 11 (D) 73 82 The Punjab Industrial Relations Act: 2010 extends to the (A) notified industrial areas (B) registered industrial units (C) whole of the Punjab (0) None of these 9 A strike declared, commenced or continued other than in accordance with the provisions of the Punjab Industrial Relations Act, 2010 is an:



(A) Unauthorized strike (B) Unfair strike (C) Informal strike (0) Illegal strike BA. Minimum, how many of establishment are required to form a Union under the law?

(A) 10 (0) 0

(B) 100

D) 50

  1. B8 میرا تعلق اردو ادب کی کس تریکے قتا؟ ( A ) ترقی پسند تحریک ( B ) رومانوی تحریک ( C ) حلقہ ارباب ذوق ( D ) دار المعاقين 89 آواز دوست اس کی تصنیف ہے؟ ( A ) عبد الحلیم شرر ( 0 ) انتظار حسین (D) 2IJESI (C) 90 علامہ اقبال کا کون سا شعری مجموعہ ہے جس میں اردو اور فار کی دونوں زبانوں کا کلام موجود ہے؟ ( A ) بانگ درا ( c ) پیام مشرق ( D ) ضرب کلیم 91 شام شہر یاراں کس کا مجموعہ کلام ہے؟ ( 4 ) احمد فراز ( 8 ) ناصر کاظمی ( c ) لیس امر لیں ( D ) مصطفی زیدی 92 ، طلوع اسلام کس کی نظم ہے؟ ( A ) اقبال ( B ) حالی ( c ) حفیظ جالندھری ( D ) شبلی 93 مندرجہ ذیل میں سے کون سا ناول جمیلہ ہانی کا تحریر کردہ ہے۔ ( A ) ٹیڑھی لکیر ( B ) رنگ شده (D) Ure, (c) 94 علامہ اقبال کے پہلے مجموعہ کلام بانگ درا مقد م کسن کا؟ ( A ) سرسید احمد خان ( B ) پروفیسر آرتله ( C ) علامہ میر حسن ( D ) شیخ عبدالقادر

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