Political Science Paper 3

Political Science Paper 3

Political Science Paper 3

71 Case It was a great work.
Ibn Khalid

The “73 Theory of Divine Right of King” was introduced in the century by King James of England:


(75) A speech on the origin of inequality and social contract:


( 76) The sovereign state is one of the following bases:


( 77) There law “is recognizes by the State in the administration of justice and is the inst know of These principles” which states:

( 78) The term advertising gained an insulting feeling:
After the First World War

( 79) The word “Paul” means:

City State

(80) In which century did the pluralists reject the colonial ideology?


Karl Marx

(83) The voluntary union of sovereign and independent states is called:

(84) is the author of the book Leviathan.
Thomas Hobbes

(85) Reconstructionist my of religiously thought in Islam” is written:

Allama Iqbal

(86) is the author of the book Statement.


( 87) Justices is giving everyone its due” is said:


( 88) It was appreciated by the dissolution of the Khilafah and the establishment of the “Grand National Assembly” in Turkey:
(82) is the author of the book “Capital”

Allama Iqbal

(89) is the author of the book “Spirit of Islam”.

Syed Amir Ali

(90) They concepts off “separation of powers” was given by:

(91) Which political philosopher was most acknowledged by the American founding fathers, and his views on the importance of private property are reflected in the drafting of the US Constitution and historical developments.

John Lock


( 93) Who Said, The law is the rule of a sovereign?”
John Austin

( 94 ) Only The will offer the sovereign can be the source of law Who said
John Hobbs

(Those) are known as those who are active against the existence of the state:


(96) There concepts of “extra valued” is give by:


(97) In Plato’s ideal state, at his age he reaches the position of the Order of the State:

98) Which is the highest land law in the United States?
Constitutional law

(100) as a theory’s originated in:


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