Ppsc paper of assistant director population welfare on 12.01.2020

Ppsc paper of assistant director population welfare on 12.01.2020
1.Red lake in Minnesota USA
2.Galvananized rod are coated with zinc
3.Pakistan became ILO member in 1947.
4.Gwadar Port purchased by Pakistan from Oman on 8 December 1958.
5.Hazrat Ali died on 21 Ramadan 40 AH/28 January 661 CE(buried in Najaf Iraq)
6.Hazrat Abu Bakr real name was Abu Abdullah
7.Hypertext is word that contain a link to other document, websites
8.Louisiana territory was purchased by USA from France in 1803.
9.Junaid jamshed belonged to musical group vital signs.
10.Excel type sheet in DOS was lotus 1-2-3
11.Population census is the secondary data
12.Gas in fire extinguisher is carbon dioxide.
13.ex post facto means to change existing law and is illegal
14.zhob old name fort sandeman
15.UN included UNCRC convention for right of children in 1989.
16.Anorexia nervosa is disease of eating disorder. Eating very less
17.conflict perspective was given by Karl Marx.
18.World wide web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee.
19.Madness and civilization book by Michel Focault.
20.Jinnat of Pakistan book by Stanley wolpert
21.yaadon ki baraat novel by Josh Malihabadi
22.Reko Diq mine in Chagai district Baluchiatan
23.Bob Dylan noble prize for literature.
24.Great barrier Reef in Australia.
25.light house of Alexandria in Egypt.
26.quaid e azam early schooling in Sindh Madrassa tul Islam
27.Cabinet mission in 1946
28.In 2014 Ukraine revolution
29.isotope have different atomic mass
30.organization for refugee is UNHCR
31.burning the midnight oil means to work late at night
32.babar azam is known for cricket.
33.karakoram. Highway start from Hasan abdal
34.coomonwealth games 2018 in australia
35.bob Dylan. Noble prize for literature in 2016
36.anwar sadaat noble prize winner from Egypt

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