Assistant local Government paper held by PPSC

By | May 7, 2020

Today paper of assistant local
1. Montreal is famous city of..Canada
2. Current governor of Balochistan.. Amanullah Khan yasinzai
3. Badshahi mosque was built in the reign of ..Aurang
4. Wisdom… is the greater part of valour.
5. Ignorant…of
6. Boast ..of
7. Carry … out
8. Profane synonym .. unholy
9. Ecstasy antonym… Agony
10. Haughy synonym..empire
11. Abdulstar edhi born in which city..not confirmed
12. Circumference of Earth..40000km square
13. First session of AIML in Karachi was headed by ..Adamji pir Bai
14. Which punishment was introduced by hazrat Umar R.A….death
15. Postal department was introduced in..Farooqi period
16. Height of Naga parbat..8126m
17. Siachin glacier is in which range..karakaram
18. India and Pakistan are fighting over siachin since…1984
19. Salang pass connects ..not confirmed
20. Mirza ghalib born in.. Agra
21. Dasht sos written by.. jameela hashmi
22. Raja gidh written by..bano qudsia
23. Muqtader qaoumi zaban ka new name..not confirmed
24. Assalamualaikum ka sahe talaufz..
25. Me ramzan me Aon ga …
26. Which two provinces reform are mentioned in Quaid 14 points.. Sindh and Balochistan
27. Next head of common wealth..prince Charles
28. Olympic 2022.. in China
29. Which country not in BRICS.. Belgium
30. Activate the cell in Ms Excel by…
31. Berber in…North Africa
32. A is the father of B. But B is not the A’s son. Relation of B to A will… daughter
33. Who addressed 3 times to the Parliament of Pakistan .. tayyab erdogan
34. Brexit referendum..23 June 2016
35. When Quaid left kangress… 1920
36. Jillian Wala bagh massacre..1919
37. Arche of jonus.. Italy
38. When faiz got Lenin prize..1962
39. Shafqat amanat Ali belongs to which casts.. patiala
40. They said that they take exercises everyday.
41. Thimpu is the capital of.. Bhutan
42. Last king of afghanistan ..zahir shah
43. DPI stand for..Dot per inch
44. Ping pong another name is.. table tennis
45. Charter of democracy ( COD) was signed between Nawaz and benazir in ..London
46. In a jiffy.. in trouble
47. Which Nation was destroyed by rain of stones..hazrat loot A.S
48. Ans math ..6
49. Ans math… 19
50. Ans math.. 56
51. No of articles in 1973 Constitution..280
52. 1956 Constitution approved..29 Feb 1956
53. No of seats from each province in Senate..23
54. Busiest air route.. kualam Pur to Singapore
55. I999 war called..kargil war
56. Deficit financing implies…?
57. Landscape and portrait are…?
58. Programmers called writing software..?
59. Spacing in columns called..?
60. Fastest century in test matches by …?
61. FAO hq.. Rome
62. Sword of Allah.. kahild bin waled R.A
64. Mamnon Hussain was president..12th
65. Hazrat Bilal was slave of..umaya bin khalaf

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