PPSC General knowledge / Pakistan studies Mcqs collection

Climate Change Conference COP21 was held in Paris. Where was COP20 held?




New York ANSWER:        A

Who is the present Chairman/ Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan?

Asma Jahangir

I.A. Rehman

Ansar Burney

Zohra Yousaf ANSWER: A

Famous presidential session that became the milestone in making Pakistan was held in:




Karachi ANSWER:             A

William Henry Gates III was born  on _   _.

October 28, 1955

October 28, 1960

October 28, 1961

October 28, 1963 ANSWER:          A

Pakistan’s ideology is based on the ideas of:




None of the Above ANSWER:     C

Following players scored triple century twice in test cricket history:

Don Bradman (Australia), Chris Gayle (West Indies), Sehwag (India), Brian Lara (West Indies)

Don Bradman (Australia), Tendulkar (India), Sehwag (India), Brian Lara (West Indies)

Don Bradman (Australia), Jaysuria (Sri- Lanka), Sehwag (India), Brian Lara (West Indies)

Hanif Mohammad (Pakistan), RB Simpson (Australia), Hashim Amla (South Africa)

ANSWER:             A

Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (1992) deals with?

International trade

Rights and Status of Women

Rights and Protection of Children

Population control ANSWER:      B

The Headquarter of Apple Inc  is in          _.

New Mexico

New York

Cupertino, California

Mountain View, California ANSWER:       C

When a gas turns into a liquid the process is called:




Sublimation ANSWER:    A

CEO of Internet Giant “Google Inc.” is:

Steve Jobs

Bill Gates

Marissa Mayer

Sundar Pichai ANSWER: D

What was the code name given to United States Navy SEALS operation leading to elimination of Osama bin Laden in Abbotabad?


Neptune Spear


Shockwave ANSWER:     B

Faiz Ahmad Faiz was awarded the Lenin Peace Prize in 1962. In which year did Abdul Sattar Edhi receive the Lenin Peace Prize?

A.            1988

B.            1990

C.            1992

D.            1995

ANSWER:             A

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