PPSC solved past papers collection 8

which of the follwing is metallic mineral?

A.            Chromite

B.            Iron ore

C.            Both a and b

D.            None of them ANSWER:               C

what is the total coal production of Pakistan?

A.            3 million tones

B.            3.49 million tones

C.            4 million tones

D.            4.2 million tones ANSWER:           B

Approximately how much of the total coal produced is used for producting thermal electricity in Pakistan A.        2.5 %

B.            2.3 %

C.            3 %

D.            4 %

ANSWER:             B

how much of the total energy requirements are fulfilled by the local oil production?

A.            40%

B.            45%

C.            50%

D.            55%

ANSWER:             B

Which of the following area is rich in aluminium?

A.            Kalat

B.            Sargodha

C.            Pishin

D.            A&B

ANSWER:             D

The iron ore deposits of Dammel-Nissar is of high quality but why it is not excavated?

A.            Due to lack of men power

B.            Ore deposits is in low quantity

C.            Ore lies under hard rocks

D.            Not economical due to transportation problem

ANSWER:             D

Which area has the biggest rock salt deposits in Pakistan?

A.            Makran

B.            Khewra

C.            Wrarchha

D.            Mirpur ANSWER:              B

Which of the following minerals is found in warcha, Bahadar Kail, Khark, Mirpur and Lasbela?

A.            Rock Salt

B.            Chromite

C.            Luni Stone

D.            China Clay ANSWER:       A

Toot oil and natural gas field is located in

A.            Sindh

B.            Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

C.            Punjab

D.            Balochistan ANSWER:     C

Which of the following mineral is used for food and in chemical industries?

A.            Fire Clay

B.            Chromite

C.            Rock Salt

D.            Gypsum ANSWER:           C

What will be the estimated annual production of copper at saindak project?

A.            16000 tones

B.            17000 tones

C.            18000 tones

D.            19000 tones ANSWER:   C

What will be the estimated annual gold production of saindak project?

A.            2.5 tonnes

B.            2 tonnes

C.            0.98 Tonnes

D.            1.5 tonnes ANSWER:      D

Chromium obtained from chromite is used in making.

A.            Gypsum

B.            Pesticide

C.            Stainless Steel

D.            Fertilizer ANSWER:          B

Which mineral is used in the making of high speed machines?

A.            Rock Salt

B.            Chromite

C.            China Clay

D.            Lunic Stone ANSWER:    D

Khur, Meyal, Balkassar and pindori oil fields are present in _        .

A.            Sindh

B.            Punjab

C.            Punjab and Sindh

D.            Sindh and Balochistan ANSWER:                D

The deposits of copper, gold and silver have been discovered at               .

A.            Dakhni

B.            Saindak

C.            Dadhak

D.            Aghari ANSWER:               B

Kalabagh is famous for mineral of             .

A.            Iron

B.            Salt

C.            Sulphur

D.            Gypsum ANSWER:           A

How much of total natural gas is obtained from Sui? A.   43%

B.            55%

C.            29%

D.            32%

ANSWER:             A

Copper  is  used in the production of:

A.            Kitchen  utilities

B.            Children Toys

C.            Brick Kilns

D.            Electric Wires ANSWER: D

Which one of the following is a metal?

A.            Gypsum

B.            Iron

C.            Limestone

D.            Granite ANSWER:            B

Total iron ore reserves in Pakistan are   

A.            400 million tonnes

B.            500 million tonnes

C.            550 million tonnes

D.            590 million tonnes ANSWER:       B

Which area has high quality iron ore deposits?

A.            Kalabagh

B.            Dammel-Nissar

C.            Marri Bella

D.            Mazari Jang ANSWER:    B

Which area has the biggest desposits of iron ore?

A.            Koh-e-Sultan

B.            Koh-e- Sulaiman

C.            Kalabagh

D.            Chitral ANSWER:               C

Which mineral is mostly found in northern and western mountains of Pakistan?

A.            Chromite

B.            Lime-stone

C.            China Clay

D.            Gypsum ANSWER:           B

What is the annual estimated silver production of saindak project?

A.            2.75 tonnes

B.            3 tonnes

C.            3.2 tonnes

D.            3.85 tonnes ANSWER:    A

When production of Iron ore started in Pakistan? A.        1956

B.            1957

C.            1958

D.            1959

ANSWER:             B

What is the annual rock salt production in tonnes in Pakistan?

A.            1375 Thousand

B.            1298 Thousand

C.            975 Thousand

D.            610 Thousand ANSWER:                B

Punjab mineral development corporation was established on _                 under the Punjab Mineral Development Corporation Act, 1975.

A.            3rd  April 1975

B.            3rd May 1975

C.            3rd June 1975

D.            3rd July 1975 ANSWER:  A

The total natural gas production of Pakistan in Cubic feet is?

A.            830000

B.            890000

C.            320000

D.            410000

ANSWER:             A

In Balochistan Copper deposits are found in        .

A.            Marri Bela

B.            District Chagai

C.            Ghilhazi

D.            Langrial ANSWER:            B


Who is the current Foreign Minister of Pakistan?

A.            Tariq Fatemi

B.            Sartaj Aziz

C.            Nawaz Sharif

D.            Zahid Hamid ANSWER:   C

What was the rank of former Foreign Minister, Gohar Ayub Khan, when he left the Army?

A.            Captain

B.            Major

C.            Colonel

D.            Brigadier ANSWER:          A


First Cruse missile Hatf VII (Babar) was launched on         _

A.            September 15, 2005

B.            August 21, 2005

C.            August 11, 2005

D.            September 25, 2005 ANSWER:   C

Mohammad Bin Qasim

After the death of Abdullah bin Hinyan in battle with Hindus, Hajjaj Bin Yousaf sent Mohammad Bin Qasim to fight with Hindus. His relation with Hajaj Bin Yousaf was:

A.            Nephew

B.            Son in law

C.            Both Nephew and Son in Law

D.            None ANSWER:                C

Due to the party politics Muhammad Bin Qasim died at the age of:

A.            19

B.            20

C.            21

D.            22

ANSWER:             B

The first Muslim general Muhammad Bin Qasim entered Victorious in the sub-continent Indo-Pak in the year:

A.            712

B.            713

C.            714

D.            715

ANSWER:             A

Mohammad Bin Qasim established a new city in Sindh. The name of the city was:

A.            Qasim Nagar

B.            Mansoora

C.            Mehr Abad

D.            Qasim Abad ANSWER:   B

The name of Raja Dahir’s son who embraced Islam was:

A.            Vijay Singh

B.            Kak Singh

C.            Jay Singh

D.            Ajay Singh ANSWER:       C

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