Today’s Assistant Paper of PPSC 03/11/2019 Morning

Comment MCQs that you remember, And I’ll add them here.
1. Tasman Haupapa Glacier is in New Zealand
2. Non-Permanent Members of UN are elected for 2 years.
3. CDAC Meetings was held in Beijing
4. Nursing Day is celebrated on 12 May
5. Anti-Nuclear Day is Celebrated on 29 August
6. Baap Ka Gunah is written by Hakeem Ahmad Shuja
7. A History of God is written by Karen Armstrong
8. Frederick Passy is French
9. Hegel was German
10. Ikebana is Japanese Flower Arrangement
11. Apiary is Bee Keeping Place
12. Article 245 is Act on Aid with Civil Government
13. Airbus is French
14. Urdu adab ki mukhtasar tareen tareekh: Saleem Akhtar
15. PSL was won by Quetta Gladiators
16. Runnerup were Peshawar Zalmi
17. Volleyball Warmup is 4 Minutes
18. UN was formed on 24 October 1945
19. She will get 90% to obtain 90% average.
20. Last Expedition of Holy Prophet Tabook
21. Shortest Boundary of Pakistan with China
22. Zaboor was revealed on Hazrat Dawood A.S
23. Mushtaq Ahmad Yousafi Mazah Nigaari
24. Cleopatra was Egyptian Queen
25. Bureaucracy kay spellings
26. If ADD=9, BAD= 7 , CAD=8 then what is ADA: 6
27. If 60 men take 40 days to complete a task. How many days will 40 men take?
No Option was right.
28. Capital of Canada is Ottawa
29. Chicago is the city located in USA
30. Saltiest Sea is Dead Sea
31. Which Khaleefa Rashid Died a Natural Death Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique
32. Which Country is famous for Sprinters?
33. Which continent is called Dark Continent Africa
34. حیات جاوید مولونا الطاف حسین حالی نے سرسید احمد خان پہ لکھی.
35. Muslim League Formed coalition with which party to form government in 1955?
36. IMF gives loan to foster?
37. آتش کدہ کس کی تصنیف ہے : محمد دین تاثیر
38. A queer fish is synonymous with: strange person
39. Russian President during Geneva Accords Mikhail Gorbachev
40. Hepatitis C affects which Organ: Liver
41. First Nishan Haider was given to Captain Sarwar
42. Boko Haram is an Organization in Nigeria
43. Majlisi Oli is the Parliament of Tajikistan
44. Antonym of Subsequent is Prior
45. Which Saudi King Visited Pakistan in 1974: Shah Faisal
46. Patronas Towers are located in Kualalumpur
47. Radiation was discovered by Henry Becquaral
48. Which of the following is a Star: Sun
49. How many circles did Hazrat Hajra Completed while running between Safa and Marwa: 7
50. Pakistan defeated which team to win Final of 1992 world cup: England
51. A person’s weight is 100 kg on earth. It will be on moon: Less than 100
52. A baby’s heart beat starts: before he is born.
53. Naval War College is in Lahore.
54. Syria war was started by Arab Spring
55. Deen Ilahi was abolished by Aurangzeb
56. A triangle has base of 6 cm and same altitude. What is the area of triangle? 18 cm
57. A rectangle has length of 10 cm and perimeter of 30 cm, how much is width: 5 cm
58. Diet is the parliament of Japan
59. Quaid Azam Inaugurated what on 1st of July 1948: State Bank of Pakistan
60. اندھا کیا جانے بسنت کی بہار
61. Windows split in MS Word : View>Windows>Split
62. Key to make a chart from Selected data in excel: F11
63. Madni Surah were mostly about Ghazwas of Nabi Akram S.A.W

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