Assistant paper held by ppsc on 19/09/2020

today’s assistant paper

  1. Neil Armstrong died in which year
  2. PM of Paksitan during 1956
  3. he is knocking…. the door
  4. Caracas is a famous city of
  5. Lenin founded in 1922
  6. Lenin translated Communist Menifesto
  7. Golliviers Traveller book writer
  8. 2,4,10,28,…
  9. square root of 2209
  10. Musadas m kitny sher hoty
  11. Smallest Planet
  12. print review key
  13. Khan pur dam on which river
  14. Bhikki Powerplant is located in
  15. EBDO stands for
  16. Types of Jamrat
  17. Safi Ullah is the title of
  18. Totla competents to write national anthem
  19. Physiotherapy is the study of
  20. only deputy prime minister in the history of Paksitan
  21. current governor of balochistan
  22. laws for animal diseases were first promulgated in which province of pakistan
  23. headquarters of atomic energy agency
  24. mother is…… preparations for eid
  25. shortcut key for print review
  26. Macafee is
  27. adobe flash is
  28. Azlan Shah Tournament is for
  29. Apy se bahir hona ka matlab
  30. almanfoosh se kia murad h
  31. founder of khilji dynasty
  32. babur defeated whome to become first mughal king
  33. largest land border bewteen which countries
  34. نان شعیر کا مطلب
  35. قرطبہ کاقاضی کے مصنف
  36. ناصر کاظمی نے کونسی کتاب لکھی… پہلی بارش
  37. When Quaid addressed to constituent assembly

Today Assistant paper
1.constituent of biogas
2.Leva folk dance
3.Last king of maurayan
4.relation between imam bukhari and imam hunbal

  1. Judiciary movement 2007 started by
  2. Before sir syed who give two nation theory
    7.tool used to creat flow chart
  3. Homeogloben
  4. Row and column on every page by which option
  5. Prairie refers
  6. When CPU execute two and more program called
    12.In for a penny, in for a……
    13.bani samood ??
  7. Emergency article in pak constitution
    15.inguistive mean
  8. Who convinced quaid to join AIML
  9. Badr distance from madina
  10. Who refused to pay zakat in Hazrat Abu bakar R.A khilafat??
  11. Tallest dam in japan
    20.Military courts in pakistan in which year after aps attack.
  12. Why population ministry ceased in Pakistan
  13. Zimbabwe president died in 2019
  14. Caracas is capital of
  15. Insect pollination is called
    25.M2 motorway completed in which year
  16. In 1971 Z.A sulehri serving which newspaper
    These were were difficult questions in paper others are easy .

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