Today’s PPSC paper 19-09-2020 Educator (35G/2020)

Today’s PPSC paper 19-09-2020
Educator (35G/2020)
1.Redcross found?
2.Obscese synonym?
3.Solve 5/6÷5/9?
4.A boy ran arround 1/4km. The jogging track 19 times. How km he ran???
5.Enginearingwonder is located_____insan fransisco,USA?
6.Natural gas reserve???
7.Sevenmile beach located?
8.where Ahmed shaheed bralvi burried?
9.kharan desert located in???
10.viana is a capital of?
11.colosseum and forum are right each other?
12.Duodonum which found?
14.which of the following not valid zoom percentage in excel?
15.Active a cell in excel?
16.inert gases are???
17.hypothermia is cover expouse?
18.which part of body refferd emotional brain?

  1. Dong is a currency of?
    20.which of the following not feature of eognitive therapy?
    21.longest river of america?
    22.. 2020is make the____ anniversory of lahore high court?
  2. Who.??? Blank slates punnish mean?
  3. Overcot is written bt?
  4. PooBara hona?
    28.a student spending 65%….25% on bóoks.permonth income?? When he same 4500 anually..
    Vienna is capital of
    nato members countries
    پوبارہ ہونا مطلب
    اوور کوٹ کس نے لکھی
    غتر بود قواعد کی رو سے کیا ہے
    largest river of america
    First woman minister or ambassador saudia arabia
    national policy of person with disabilities
    in 1981 disabled quota
    He said she visited Oxford yesterday
    let me —you to pronounce words
    odsence meaning ya synonym antonym poucha tha

Special education policy 2002
Visions related q thy
Cognition mean
Nato k bar m ak q tha
Series k q tha
4,11,14,7,11 asa q tha ak answer 21tha
Psychology sy related q
Aur philosophy sy related q zada they

*Who said mind is blank slate
*Erikson young adulthood age
*Objectives b, synthesis, analysis steps of which domain
*Dong is currency of which country
*2020 is celebrated as which anniversary year of lahore high court.
*Disability ( permanent)
*What is pedagogy?
*Heuristic method is used for?
*Dots of braille
*Over coat’s writer
*National constitution of PWD
*In 1981 policy job quota for PWDs
*Vienna capital of?

*How many countries are the member of Nato
*Curriculum a written document is mandatory for the (learner/teacher)
*Meaning of capital punishment
*In Pakistan’s Education system which is the biggest obstacle (Expensive system/poverty masses)
*No of skull bones(22)
*Inner most part of an eye
*Which part of an eye shows colors
*Philosophy means?
*Learning by doing is which type of philosophy
*Epistemology is the study of….


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